Wednesday, April 16, 2008

april 16th

on the seventh day GOD rested...
and you can too!
just sign in here for future commentary.

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INFJ < 1% said...

Hi Barbie,
Hope you don't mind the nickname. I saw your picture in the Redeemer Arts News, just another reason why subscribing to that is SO worth it!

My daugher just screamed saying there is a racoon on our deck. Yesterday I saw a bear run through our yard and a few weeks ago the kids saw 4 bears. That's oposed to forebears...Yeah, we do not live in NYC!

I love your web site, great work! I also bought several copies of your book as gifts and I recommend that to your visitors...well worth it and a great read-a-loud.

I know we will get together again soon, and walk to the red lighthouse, or go to another Redeemer event. Wasn't Ken Wales terrific? For those who don't know him, he is one of the producers of the film Amazing Grace who shared his life story!

Congratulations on your book, and your web site!

Love to you,
Melissa Craig, mezzo soprano
P&R Publishing Co.